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Data Protection Law

On June 5th 2017 the Data Protection Law was published in the Cayman Islands. This Law introduces a framework for data protection within the Cayman Islands.

Note that this law does not differentiate between industries as other laws do, as its main focus is on how personal data from a vendor, employee and/or client was received, used, processed, accessed and removed from your company.

It should be noted that a company, in addition to an individual director, manager, secretary or other company officer may be guilty of an offence if a crime is proven to have been committed with their consent or involvement or attributable to their neglect. Fines under the Law could be as high as CI $350,000 and certain offences are punishable by imprisonment.

Our team of experts include compliance, regulatory, project management and technical specialists, providing a one-stop shop data law preparation service.

Our high-level approach includes:

  • Audit – we will help you understand where your company is in relation to the new regulation and what actions (if any) needs to be taken.
  • Assessment – we will assess to identify any gaps in your policies and procedures, systems used for processing and controlling data by your company or 3rd party vendors.
  • Remediation / Implementation – we will deliver an action plan which outlines the task needed to comply.
  • Monitoring / Role appointments – we will provide services to assist in data investigations, consultant, update of policies and procedures, assist with ongoing training, assist with the reporting with the Ombudsman Office, and mediate with the Ombudsman Office on your behalf.

Services can be tailored to your bespoke requirements.

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