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PPoC (Principal Point of Contact) and CRS Agent for Tax Authorities

As Cayman has signed a model 1 IGA with the United States, the Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority (TIA) is now required to report directly to the IRS on all Cayman Reporting entities. To ensure this happens, each entity is required to appoint a PPoC to represent the entity and to be a point of contact for the local TIA.

In addition, Cayman has also signed an agreement with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation for Development (OECD) to provide common reporting standards on all reportable entities and/or individuals. As reporting in the Cayman Islands may not be easily achieved, most entities are providing agent services to help reportable entities and/or individuals report as required.

  • Tri-Bridge will report to the TIA as your agent and/or PPoC on your behalf

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