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Our Services

AML Compliance Officer

We will tailor this role to your product and service requirements, ensuring minimal disruption to you or your clients and giving you the freedom to focus on your day-to-day business. Above all, we pride ourselves on providing quality service. We will do our best to bring efficiencies around your current compliance functions and instil a compliance culture. Our services are provided on an annual contract and will be tailored to your specific product (e.g. Mutual Fund, Management Company, Insurance Company, etc.).

Services include:

  • Design and maintain AML procedures manual, covering the measures in the AML- Regulations that need to be in place at the entity
  • Design and maintain effective guidance lists, covering the identification and verification procedures for onboarding a new client
  • Provide annual AML training to all staff on AML procedures, guidance lists and red flags for suspicious activities, covering both standard details and any modifications that we customize for your business activities
  • One-off staff training - for new employees only
  • Liaise with the competent authority as the Point of Contact for the Entity
  • Maintain a log and record all communications with the respective authority
  • Be available to the Entity for ongoing queries and questions regarding AML procedures
  • Review and approve all new and existing client files
  • Do sample reviews of fund non-voting investor files at RTA level to ensure they are in line with the AML regulation
  • Prepare annual compliance report for the board of directors

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