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Cybersecurity Framework & Compliance

Tri-Bridge has teamed up with the RiskAware team that perfects cyber security for your size company. Our team is here to help CIMA regulated companies meet their Cybersecurity obligations as stipulated in the CIMA Rule - Cybersecurity for Regulated Entities May 2020 and the Statement of Guidance of Cybersecurity for Regulated Entities.

The Cayman Islands regulated companies landscape is constantly changing. So, an essential part of the business is keeping on top of the current Cybersecurity frameworks, regulations, policies, or compliance requirements.

As such, our team of cybersecurity experts can help you with any of the following CIMA Cybersecurity Rule and/or Statement of Guidance (“SOG”) requirements:

  • SOG 5 - General Guidance
  • SOG 6 - Cybersecurity Framework
  • SOG 7 - Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • SOG 8 - Review Information Systems and Cybersecurity Framework
  • SOG 9 - IT System Controls and Use of the internet
  • SOG 10 – Accountability
  • SOG 12 - Employee Selection, Training, and Awareness
  • SOG 13 - IT Outsourcing Arrangement
  • SOG 14 - Data Protection
  • SOG 16 - Notification Requirement

To learn more about RiskAware please visit our website: RiskAware | SMB and Corporate Cyber Security Services

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